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I ordered some whips from you a couple of years back for a water stunt show I was directing in germany. They were two green and black 6 footers one a snake handle and the other a bull whip handle. They were awesome whips and worked really well for us in the show. They totally held up to the environment of water and sun and looked great and of course snapped and cracked perfectly. I actually have some production photos of the characters holding the whips that I never sent you. If you'd like some photos let me know how I can get them to you.



Omg....I love it....cracking it right out of the box!!!
~Jena W.
Wow. Just wow. I'd have replied sooner but I've been busy trying out this thing. So far, due to something I'll call "backlash" , I've come to appreciate that 39 lashes was pretty severe, sort of mastered overhand cracking, destroyed one lamp (I had to explain to the wife that it was about to attack), and remembered that I really meant to order a spare one and maybe a four or five footer as well. The wife is less than amused by all of this I might add, but then again she also got upset about my having a carburetor on the coffee table (it's sort of hard to find a good Rochester one barrel carb these days so it can't be left in the garage).
Maybe you can get me some prices on my next Christmas wish list?
Ryan received my whip yesterday wow got some real happy cracking going on in nj. Love it you are a true craftsman.
"Hi Ryan! Restita from Seattle Wushu here. Just wanted to let you know that the 4 footer you made for me, was a big hit at our first whip study group session tonight. :) 3 of the group tried the whip, and they absolutely loved it...the 3 people scrambled to write your website URL down. :) ... They loved balance and action of the 4 footer a lot and I was almost afraid I wasn't going to play it much tonight because they kept passing it around. Hahaha! A testament to the quality of your work!
Restita R. DeJesus
Chief Instructor
Seattle Wushu Center
What an awsome bullwhip!! So easy to crack and get a very loud crack at that! I was even able to hold on to it much easier then my other bullwhip. Now I know for sure that the other bullwhip I purchased was too large for my small hands. I will be back and I saved you in my favorite sellers list and also saved your website as well. Very impressed at the quality of the Bullwhip. No. 1 Whip maker! Thanks again! God Bless!
Kindest regards,
"Hi Ryan, Thanks for the follow-up. "I LOVE IT". Excellent craftsmanship and quality materials. It is so easy to crack, loud too. ............... Louis"
"Great custom whip. Well crafted & balanced; my whip-throwing sweetie loves it."
" received your whip today. It surpassed my expectations. It is well made and cracks right out of the box...I love the long fall and cracker." -N
"beautiful...well made smooth comfortable excelent whip thank you"
"Gorgeous braiding, love the new whip. Quick shipping"
"Very Pretty. The girl I gave it to just loved it (and me too)."
"Very nice whip, good work. Excellent communication, highly recommend to all."
"Wonderful whip. Cracks easily.A+++"
"Great whip, husband loves it. Fast delivery"
"This whip is quite small but whata WALLOP! it packs!"
Awesome whip - great quality and fast shipping.