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12 Plait Bullwhips
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Pocket Rattler
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The Pocket Rattler
This whip is a twelve-plait nylon snakewhip.
It is made with a bb-weighted paracord core in varying lengths of cord, followed by a vinyl bolster, then by an eight-plait paracord belly, then a bit of reinforcement in the “handle” area, and finally by a twelve-plait overlay.The butt is finished with a five-part four-bight turk’s head knot.
(3 foot snakewhip in colonial blue and black)


(4 foot Snakewhip in neon orange & black) 


My 12 Plait Bullwhips are available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 foot lengths, in one or more colors.
3 footers = $80 (plus $11 shipping in the U.S.)
4 footers = $90 (plus $11 shipping in the U.S.)
5 footers = $100 (plus $11 shipping in the U.S.)
6 footers = $110 (plus $11 shipping in the U.S.)
[Note: measurements only account for the pliated (braided) portion of the whip. The fall and cracker add another 2.5 to 3.5 feet to the overall length]
Colors in stock:
  • black
  • white
  • electric blue
  • colonial blue
  • midnight blue
  • royal blue
  • purple
  • neon green
  • kelly green
  • neon orange
  • neon pink
  • brown
  • imperial red
  • red
  • charcoal grey
  • silver grey
  • neon yellow
  • turquoise


(to order colors not in stock will cost an additional $17 per color, per whip.)


Send me a message designating the length and colors you desire and I'll send you a Paypal invoice.


Matched sets: there is a $30 fee for matched sets. A matched set is two "identical" whips made side-by-side so that they are built as similarly as possible making them also crack similarly. Matched sets are often desired for two-handed cracking.


Shipping to Canada is $19; to the rest of the world is $30.  (Shipping outside the USA cannot be insured so I cannot guarantee a safe arrival and offer no refunds - sorry.)